Change your life. Change the world. Travel Forward starts with being conscious of small things. Maybe you held open a door for someone and instead of a mumbled "thanks" he looked you in the eye and really meant what he said. Perhaps you were in a rush on the highway but eased up to let someone over in front of you –and she waved. You felt those moments. This is your roadmap.

Writing about everyone from Nelson Mandela, Paul McCartney, Condoleezza Rice and Jon Bon Jovi, to loved ones, friends, neighbors and memorable people he’s encountered on airplanes, in Cambodia and on the New York City subway, Mark Murphy has loaded this book with Travel Forward moments. As you journey through these pages you’ll learn to approach everything in life a little differently—in a way that will both enlighten and transform.

"Travel Forward is undeniably a book of the times! Its part-instruction manual, part-workbook finesse is packed with an appealing amount of useful, everyday advice for leading a happier and more fulfilling existence. Not only a how-to guide for the daily perusal but a fill-in bank for all what makes you in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and straight through a lifetime."
- City Book Review

"Mark Murphy is unflappable in his excitement and interest."
- Sacramento Book Review

"Mark is one of the authors whose presence we highly anticipate, and whose advice we value."
- Audra Lower, Host, The Better Show

"Murphy is an inspirational speaker; thus, "Travel Forward" is part self-help book and part primer to rekindle the imagination, with the idea of travel as its core foundation."
- Chicago Tribune

"An easy-to-read self-help primer with an intriguing travel premise and positive pointers on building a more fulfilling life."
- Kirkus Reviews

"It is an inspiring book, full of success stories and examples, film and book recommendations for personal development as well as exercises that will help any reader to travel forward, both physically and spiritually."
- Readers Favorite

Mark Murphy quit his corporate job and in 2002 embarked on his own Travel Forward journey. Father, husband, entrepreneur, speaker, CEO of his own company and a regular travel contributor on Fox, CNN and NBC’s Today show among others, he has hiked, sailed, climbed, kayaked and rickshawed his way through more than 50 countries around the world, touching and learning from humanity in all its forms as he continues to Travel Forward.

Travel Unscripted

Travel Unscripted, Mark Murphy’s first book and Amazon Best Seller,  chronicles the dicey, humorous, sometimes bizarre and always entertaining experiences he encounters in far-flung locales when he's not on camera. This book focuses Murphy's witty and perceptive lens on the culture of traveling, revealing unforgettable characters and global humanity in all its quirkiness - from a predatory Cougar Grandma in Germany to a wiseguy shakedown on a picturesque Greek island, serious partying in Ho Chi Minh City, sampling shocking edibles in Cambodia and much more.

Travel Forward
Travel is so much more than getting on a plane and jetting off to some foreign locale. Even when you are close to home you can Travel Forward on an exciting journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. And, you’ll positively impact the world while you’re doing it. It’s the start of a movement that will get people to look at the small things and realize that those minute things will multiply and make the world a better place to live.

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